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National Front in Resistance Against the Coup De'etat abandons negotiations

Tegucigalpa, Honduras, October 15, 2009

The Frente Nacional de Resistencia contra el Golpe de Estado (National Front of Resistance Against the Coup De'etat), in light of the recent events of the dialogue organized at the request of the Organization of American States (OAS) declares:

1. We withdraw our representative, Juan Barahona, from the so-called Guaymuras dialogue. Comrade Barahona served as representative of the Frente Nacional de Resistencia contra el Golpe de Estado in the delegation of President Zelaya in the mentioned dialogue.

The golpista (coup-makers) delegation, in a typical act of intransigence and with the purpose of hindering the progress of the negotiations, attempted to paralyze the dialogue by refusing to accept that our representative sign "with reservations" point No.3 of the agreement concerning the waiving of the installation of a National Constituent Assembly.

We wish to state that our Front does not renounce and will not renounce the fight for this demand, which is the demand of the Honduran people. Aware that this was a move to derail the dialogue using any pretext, since the provisional signature was suggested by them at a previous meeting, we decided not to go along with this farse and for that reason we took the decision leave, allowing President Zelaya to be free to substitute Barahona with another representative of his close confidence. As a result attorney Rivera Rodil Rodil was named as a delegate of the commission of President Zelaya in place of our representative.

2. The above signifies that our Front leaves the Guaymuras negotiations and that we will continue fighting on the streets of our country for the demands that have arisen from June 28, the return to constitutional order, the return of President Zelaya to his post and the convening of a Constituent Assembly.

3. We declare that we will respect the decision of our president if he decides to sign the San Jose Accord, even with all its attached conditions, and declare our agreement with him regarding the demands for the golpistas to sign the accord in which they will abandon their position of power and that the position of President of the Republic is returned to its lawful owner.

4. We warn the golpistas that if they do not sign the accord before October 15 returning the Presidency to its rightful owner, the Resistence will initiate actions on a national level to not recognize the electoral farce which the golpistas intend to mount on 29 November.

5. We call upon popular sectors to redouble efforts to defeat the corporate-military dictatorship, demanding an end to the repression, the annulment of decrees that restrict constitutional guarantees; the freedom of political prisoners and the reopening and lifting of censorship against Radio Globo, Canal 36 and other independent media and journalists.


Tegucigalpa, M.D.C. October 15, 2009