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If Pres. Zelaya is not restored to power we will not recognize the elections

Communique No. 33

The National Front of Resistance against the Coup D’etat communicates to the Honduran people and the international community.


1. That for 131 consecutive days of struggle we have encouraged a peaceful solution to the current political crisis in our country due to the coup d’etat perpetrated by the Honduran oligarchy. In this period we have accompanied the iniatiatives that have been promoted by various international and national sectors, maintaining three fundamental demands: a)the return to constitutional order with the restitution of Manuel Zelaya Rosales to the presidency, b) respect for the soveriegnty to install a national constituent assembly to reconstruct the fatherland, and c) punishment for the violators of human rights.

2. That the so called Tegucigalpa-San Jose accord contains as a principal element the return to constitutional order and literally states “return executive power to its state previous to the 28th of June until the conclusion of the current governing period the 27th of January of 2010.”

3. That the National Congress, coauthor of the rupture of constitutional order on June 28th, is using stalling tactics by not wanting to convoke an assembly to overturn the decree that installed the defacto regime.

4. That the OAS and the government of the United States, whom we consider an accomplice to the military coup, show no interest in the definitive exit of the coupists from power

We thereby resolve

1. If today, the 5th of November, after midnight, President Zelaya is not restored to his office, the National Front of Resistance against the Coup D’etat will not recognize the electoral process or its results.

2. We alert all the organizations of the Resistance at the national level to be prepared to renounce the electoral farce if President Zelaya is not reinstated in this timeframe.

3. We call on the international community to maintain its postion of delegitimization of the defact regime and the elections of November 29th.


Tegucigalpa, November 5th, 2009

(Translation by Simon Rios from the Committee in Solidarity with the Honduran Resistance)