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Abstentionism Wins the Honduran Coup-Regime Elections! Altering the Figures Can’t Alter the Facts.

For Immediate Release

National U.S. Committee in Solidarity with the People of Honduras

- Stephen Bartlett, Agricultural Missions, Inc (AMI), Louisville, KY: (502) 896-9171
- Vicki Cervantes, La Voz de los Abajo, Chicago, Il. (312)259-5042

An abstention rate of 62% (only 38% voted) in the Coup regime’s elections on November 29 has been calculated by Honduran Congressperson Elvia Argentina Valle, using the total of votes (1.7 million) reported as of 9 p.m. on election day by the military-controlled Supreme Electoral Tribunal (TSE) and the number of registered voters officially reported by the TSE prior to the elections (4.6 million). Since the election, false, preposterous percentages based on altered (and unaccountable) baseline figures have been announced by the coup-controlled TSE and repeated unquestioningly by international media outlets, claiming that these elections broke records in voter participation. Those bogus figures simply cannot stand up to serious scrutiny.

We agree with the Honduran National Front of Resistance to the Coup that the victor in this illegitimate attempt to launder a military-civic Coup d’Etat was the Honduran People in Resistance who boycotted the electoral farce! The high level of abstention shown is, among other indicators, a strong proof that the Honduran people have refused to be party to this coup-laundering exercise and have not provided a mandate to any candidate, nor acceded to the cynical attempt to portray these elections as resolving the crisis in Honduras.


On election day hundreds marching peacefully in San Pedro Sula were beaten, water cannoned, gassed and subject to arbitrary arrest. On the day before, the offices of COMAL Network, a small-scale farmer and community food store network, in Siguatepeque, Via Campesina Honduras, and other organizations’ offices were also raided. Extra-judicial assassinations of community leaders and a systematic hunting down of opponents to the coup are on-going, and show the true face of this electoral farce. Since the June 28th coup, more than 4,000 documented cases of political repression have been committed by the Coup Regime against those calling for the return of constitutional order. This includes at least 30 documented political assassinations.

Our position is the same as that of the majority of governments in Latin America, and the Organization of American States, and United Nations, both of which refused to send election observers to Honduras. The U.S. is one of only a handful of countries to recognize the elections. By offering unconditional recognition to these un-democratic elections, the Obama administration damages relations with innumerable countries. Ratification of a blatant military coup sets a dangerous precedent for Latin America and for the world, showing that the U. S. will tolerate and enable illegal behavior.

Our national committee calls on the U.S. government to stand behind democratic principles in Latin America, by refusing to recognize the coup elections or the new coup regime that the elections will install. We support the Honduran people’s call for the restoration of the legitimate President, Manuel Zelaya, to the presidency of Honduras and subsequently the organizing of a Constitutional Assembly, in opposition to the long-term violent repression of the Honduran people and the violation of their rights.

Peace Through Justice,

The National Committee in Solidarity with the People of Honduras

The National Committee is a recently founded national group of organizations from numerous states in the U.S., working in solidarity with the people of Honduras in resistance to the military coup d’etat of June 28, 2009.