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The two Honduras

by Karen Spring

January 27, 2010.- The pro-democracy, anti-military coup march went from the Pedagogical University in Tegucigalpa to the airport (roughly 12-16 kilometers) on January 27th to bid farewell to President Zelaya, who was escorted from the Brazilian embassy with the President of the Dominican Republic , Leonel Fernandez.

As the so-called “inauguration ceremony” of incoming president Porfirio "Pepe" Lobo (who, along with his National Party, had openly endorsed and ‘legitimized’ the June 28 military coup) was taking place in a stadium, the Honduran people marched to the airport to see off President Zelaya who was flying to the Dominican Republic.

The simultaneously scheduled events (the formalistic “swearing in” and the huge people’s march) demonstrate the two Honduras (in Felix Molina's words), the two different visions of Honduras: a different vision of what Honduras was like before the coup; a different vision of the 6 month people’s struggle against the oligarchic coup regime, and most certainly a different vision of the future of Honduras.

The Honduran people will not forget nor pardon the repression, murders, torture and deaths that occurred - and continue to occur - as a result of the militarization of the country since June 28th. President Lobo, who is fighting for some sort of recognition of his government by the “international community”, was 'elected' after a military coup and during a time when a campaign of terror and repression was being carried out by the coup regime of Roberto Micheletti and General Romeo Vasquez Valesquez.

The Honduran people do not see the “inauguration” of Pepe Lobo as a defeat of their struggle. Their struggle for the “re-founding” (refundacion) of the Honduran state and society is stronger than ever before and simply enters a new stage.

In no way is this struggle easy and they will need much support over the next years from across the Americas.