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Union worker and resistance member, Julio Fúnez Benítez, assassinated

Julio Fúnez Benítez, an active member of the resistance and union worker with SANAA, Workers Union of Aqueducts and Sewer Systems, was assassinated with three shots in the Brisas de Olancho neighborhood, by two hit men who were wearing baseball hats and were driving a motorcycle, around 6:00 pm, Monday, February 15.

Fúnez Benítez was always at the head of all the marches and activities with the National Front of Popular Resistance, FNRP, and last weekend participated in the first assembly with the FNRP, that took place in Siguatepeque.

The union worker was assassinated after he left his home, a few steps away from it. His family heard three gun shots and their neighbors informed them that they were directed against their family member: one on the head, one on his temple and the third one on his thorax. He was transferred by ambulance to the Escuela Hospital, where he died.

According to data given by friends and family, he had received several death threats where he was told that if he didn´t remove himself from the Front, they would kill him.

A park now carries his name in the Brisas de Olancho neighborhood, his favorite place after work, where he would sit with his neighbors to talk about the situation in Honduras. There was a public phone on the park that would ring once in a while and when he answered, they would insult and threaten him.

But he never missed a mobilization and gave himself to fight against the coup d´état and the current government. "I´m going to fight for those who don´t want to fight," he told one of his family members.

Julio leaves behind his wife who was crying grief-stricken for having lost hes partner, with whom she had shared many years of her life.