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254 Human Rights Violations under the Pepe Lobo Regime

Less than a month after Porfirio Loba Sosa came to power, 254 human rights violations have been committed, an average of 9 cases per day, which contradicts the government’s claims before the international community that fundamental rights are being respected. The announcement was made during a press conference held at the offices of The Committee of the Families of the Detained and Disappeared in Honduras (COFADEH) on February 25.

National Front of Popular Resistance (FNRP) members Jari Dixon, José Luís Baquedano, Rodil Rivera, and Gilberto Ríos of the Human Rights Platform, talked to national and international journalists about the danger of the international community failing to demand visible and concrete results from Lobo Sosa, who’s main objective is to soften its position since the coup against Manuel Zelaya Rosales occurred.

Lobo Sosa became president as a result of the June 28 coup and through elections that were not transparent, in an environment of deep militarization and heavy repression against the national resistance to the coup —a resistance that continues to take action for the creation of the Constituent National Assembly.

Dixon said that the objective of the coup regime has been clear since June 28. “They want to dismantle the resistance but it won’t be divided as they want it. The Honduran people have more clarity about where they want to go with the Constituent National Assembly.”

The statistics gathered by COFADEH show that in only 28 days during the current regime there have been 53 illegal detentions, 2 sexual assaults, 2 murders, 8 cases of torture, 2 kidnappings, 14 raids, 23 neighborhoods profiled by security forces as “Resistentes” and searched after hours. In addition 150 people have left the country as political refugees to neighboring countries, Canada, USA, Spain and others.

“We believe that this Truth Commission will not actually give the truth to the Honduran people; with all the details of the cases publicized, what happened before and after the coup, telling the names of those who participated in the coup," said Rodil Rivera.
He stressed that without justice there can be no reconciliation. He said that the only thing that would bring reconciliation would be a Constituent National Assembly that is representative of the Honduran people and that reestablishes the constitutional order. “Reconciliation can´t be brought by decree.” Gilberto Rios added “we want the facts to be investigated, reparations for the victims, and that measures are taken against those responsible.”

The US Embassy has reportedly been putting pressure on Pepe Lobo´s regime to create the Truth Commission to promote international recognition of his government. Rodil Rivera said that the US and Europe should make more demands, not just for a commission, but to demand that the government rectify the human rights violations and find those responsible for them.