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Professor José Manuel Flores, FNRP member, assassinated

On March 23, at three in the afternoon witnesses saw two pickup vehicles approaching from the rear of the premises of the the Official High School Institute San Jose del Pedregal, one green and another color white.

Professor Manuel, as his friends called him, was in the building with his students when his murderers attacked. They had crossed the perimeter fence and fired their guns at close range. Professor Manuel was in a terrace and fell. The teacher died instantly. One of assassins lost his balaclava cap as he escaped through a hole they had made in the perimeter fence.

Thus they´ve murdered another member of the Resistance against the coup. Professor José Manuel Flores was a member of the Socialist Workers Party, had written several articles, some of them published in the Tribuna newspaper and the SOCA online newspaper, of socialistic tendencies.

This is the first case of a teacher who was murdered inside educational facilities, in front of his peers and students. Those who ordered and planned the crime have a clear strategic purpose to create fear in the peaceful movement of the resistance by assassinating its prominent leaders.