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Day 36

Martín Florencio Rivera, 45, a school-teacher in Tegucigalpa, was stabbed 27 times, to his death, upon attending the funeral of compañero Jorge Abraham Vallejo, also killed by golpista soldiers.

The Front Against the Golpe has announced a seven day march, beginning on Wednesday, to converge on the two biggest cities, San Pedro Sula & Tegucigalpa.

Nike, Adidas, Gap y Knights Apparel, who have maquiladoras in Honduras, have written to Secretary Hillary Clinton requesting the reinstatement of Manuel Zelaya, invoking the importance of siding with the consensus of the EU, the OAS, the UN, and the US president. The signatories of the letter account for the employment of some 60,000 maquila workers in Central America. This group of transnational companies has threatened to cut contracts with the maquilas whom, union leaders claim, are compelling the workers to support the golpe & attend demonstrations in favor. The letter to Clinton signifies a blow to maquiladora owners, who have contracted lobbyists in Washington to represent the interest of the golpistas.

The dictator Micheletti has stated that the golpistas will “resist with pride” the isolation of Honduras by the international community, demonstrating the aristocratic arrogance of the political, military, & empresarial cupolas of power in Honduras. Due to road blocks, strikes, and the suspension of various aid & loans by the EU and the USA, the Honduran economy has lost over $100 million, compounded by a fierce decline in the tourism industry. The wealthy rulers of Honduras—particularly the ten families who financed the coup—insist they will be able to withstand the political & economic pressure of the international community, a claim made believable in light of the tacit support of the United States, Canada, and ultra-right business interests throughout Latin America.