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The National Front of Popular Resistance (FNRP) elects its Executive Committee and demonstrates the strength of its national structure

July 13, 2010.- In the midst of media attacks from the de facto regime, the Popular Resistance in Honduras carried out its first National Assembly, appointing its provisional leadership and presenting its new Executive Committee headed by Manuel Zelaya Rosales, who is still in exile in the Dominican Republic.

The National Front of Popular Resistance (Frente Nacional de Resistencia Popular) would like to inform the International community of its first and successful National Assembly, held this past weekend (July, 10 and 11) in the city of Tocoa, in the department of Colon.

The assembly was composed of 56 delegates who came from all over the Honduran territory into the heart of the Valley of Aguan, to show their unconditional support to the campesino (peasant) movement of this area, which confronts corporate and military violence, and at the same time, to establish a historical date in the calendar of the struggle of the Honduran people.

A National Provisional Coordination was established at this Assembly, as a first step for the consolidation of the FNRP’s political platform towards the re-foundation of the country. The leadership was formed with representatives elected in different department assemblies during the previous weeks all over Honduras, creating a new grassroots democratic process.

The National Provisional Coordination elected its Executive Committee which will lead this struggle against the coup plotters, the military regime, barbarism and injustice. The first position elected unanimously was that of Manuel Zelaya Rosales as Coordinator, this way, recognizing his leadership and placing him at the lead of this project which attempts to leave behind old political practices in which small groups have put their own interests before those of the impoverished majorities.

In this Executive Committee, Zelaya is accompanied by well known figures of the Honduran Popular struggle: Juan Barahona and Carlos H. Reyes (Tegucigalpa), Will Paz (Colon) Leonel Amaya (Olancho), Lucía Granados (San Pedro Sula), Lilí Aguilar (Lempira), Maria Antonia Martinez (From the Feminist in Resistance Movement), Porfirio Amador (Choluteca), Jaime Rodriguez y Edgardo Casaña (Federation or Organizations of Magistrates of Honduras FOMH), Juan Chinchilla (Youth, Bajo Aguan), Victor Petit (Comayagua), Teresa Reyes (Black Fraternal Organization of Honduras Ofraneh) and Jose Luis Baqueano (Unitary Confederation of Honduran Workers CUTH). Only a representative of the Lenca Indigenous Community is pending.

The only incident happened when the Group of Liberals in Resistance proposed an increase in the number of delegates to 29, which were not approved by previous Assembly agreements. When the majority in the Assembly denied their proposal they decided not to take part in this provisional structure, but made clear that they continue to be part of the National Front of Popular Resistance.

This First National Assembly emphasized that in the entire country the Resistance is well organized. The new Executive Committee has assumed the responsibility to lead the people of Honduras in their struggle towards its final objective which is the re-foundation of the country.

The coup plotters have done the impossible to underestimate this great effort and, as a Front we believe it is important to let you all know in first hand, how meaningful it is for us to begin this new stage of our struggle, which we know is yours too. We invite the entire International Community to visit our official Web page: www.resistenciahonduras.net to obtain more information or to connect to our contacts for a better understanding of the beginning of this journey to re-foundation.

The immediate objectives expressed by the Assembly are the return of Manuel Zelaya to the country along with all the people that have been forced into exile, the development of political work and political education in the entire county, the strengthening or our own media to debunk the lies elaborated by the coup plotters and their collaborators, and to begin the collective construction of what will eventually become The National Constituent Assembly, which for the first time in our history will be participatory, popular and truly democratic.

Resistimos y Venceremos - We resist and we shall overcome!
FNRP, July 12, 2010

Betty Matamoros,
International Commission Coordinator – FNRP

Gerardo Torres,
International Commission– FNRP