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And the World Stood By

Why does the hope that is in my heart not die?
It hurts too much to watch human dignity and spirit
Be trampled ...

The embers lie dying, flickering because there appears no reason….
Only glowing and slowly cooling ...
Then something happens ...

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The Hijacking of My Homeland

11/18/2009 - Tito Meza

My Homeland has been hijacked
Her captors are not invisible
They can be seen in clear view

Lords with knives and shotguns
Guard her chains
Restraining her from liberty

Her captors are not gang members
From the Mara 18
They are not from the Mara Salvatrucha
No, no, no they are not the ones
They are not the ones

( ... )
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Goriletti Matón del Pueblo (Goriletti the Thug (Micheletti))

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Against the military coup... (song)

Music/Lyrics by Sergio Reyes

Dedicated to the popular resistance in Honduras.

Again the boot steps on the people
the boots of the Honduran gorilas
again they kill their own people
to defend their masters privileges.

But we have a popular saying
"there is no evil that doesn't bring some good"
now our people are marching on
and nobody will stop them.

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Golpe (Honduras) -- Lyrics & Music by Simon Rios

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